On Tuesday, December 3, 2013, I ordered this Parsons mandolin and paid in full for the instrument. I wanted something relatively traditional with a few minor changes. Its the usual curly maple 2-piece back, red spruce top, and tone bar configuration seen from most mandolin builders. Here is the cool stuff: I ordered it with a larger nut width (1 3/16),smaller, S shaped F-holes, a Florida fingerboard scoop with inlaid fake frets, and a James tailpiece. The inside date on the instrument is 6/15/15. It's brand new!

I recently graduated from East Tennessee State University and have been job hunting extensively. If I were able to keep it I would. The "new" price on these mandolins is $4700.00. This one is currently for sale for $3200.00 or best offer. 

I am willing to meet with anyone interested in the instrument. The mandolin must be picked up in person at a mutually agreed upon place/time.